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Dome City
Gardens Oasis Great Dome City - build your own dome house.
Get the best energy, feel good, live well, start enjoying your life, forget the mortgage slavery.

For people who want to have a house dome, but do not know where to start. Welcome to Gardens Oasis Dome City.


Dear Gardens Oasis Member

What you will learn here is so rare and so valuable, only 1 person in 1,000 + knows what healthy and positive energy house is.

As a person with no experience in the construction industry you may not be familiar with prices and healthy living yet about 30% in energy savings for dome homes is not known in the construction industry as well.Besides the maintenance, people don't realize dome home is the most optimal structure in the universe where positive energy maintain your good health.

After completing your dome home, you can devoted your time to family or your hobbies instead of constantly maintaining your traditional house.

Very often they do not have time for anything else but, clean up this space, vacuumed the room, wipe the dust, all the time there was something to do. The traditional house waist you more energy and time for maintenance. Cheap construction almost eliminates headache for mortgage and loosing it to bank crooks waiting to rub you from your property.

For this they had more money, more work to repay the loan on the house.

You have the opportunity to make your house durable, less expensive to implement and inexpensive to maintain.

House in the form of a dome answers all our questions:

How to save 20% (or $50,000 - $100.000 +) on the implementation of the home?

It turned out that the dome is less expensive to implement because of its shape.

Comparing the house in the form of a dome and a traditional house of the same area is the dome is about 20% less external walls.So less material, labor and equipment is needed to finish your dome house.

As one structure, it saves extra for roofs, trusses, labor and maintenance over roof structures that always remain an issue due to sun, rain, freezing and sealing leaking roofs.

Dome houses have easy implementation, which can make one man with no experience to be able to start building his dome house.

Yes, you can take few of your friends and you can start working on your dome house!!!

  The shape of the building itself save up to 50% on heating costs.?

In the dome house virtually all cold corners and areas of cold spots are eliminated as the surface of the dome area is smaller than a traditional home. No more extra heating of all the corners and places you don't need. The same is with air conditioning.

It's all thanks to the form of the dome.

Only the dome gives such opportunities.

How you can get natural light with only one window that lights the whole house?

It is not a fairy tale, but at the top of the dome is a skylight with an area of ​​more than 2 - 8 meters (6 - 24 feet), which illuminates the entire dome at any time of the day.

From the moment the sun rises from the east the light flows into the dome's skylight.

Of course, the dome has other windows, but a skylight gives the most light throughout the day.

How warm the whole house is just with fireplace without expensive installation?

It can be done and we will show you how to do it.

You should choose the right fireplace and place it in the center of the house (in the dome if it is possible).

The heat from the fireplace will spread to all areas in a natural way without any additional installation.

Right situated and implemented fireplace will heat the whole dome.

How to have a unique interior without edges?

Often the dome makes such an impression that people breath away.

There are no corners or sharp edges. It is a work of art in itself. The man in the interior feels calm and very comfortable.

   How to have a healthy family in friendly dome house that is beneficial for all users?

From real happiness that your home should give you to Chinese art of positive energy flow Feng Shuei,  It is very important so that you and your loved ones feel good in your home, and everybody can feel positive impact on a lot of things in your dome house.

First of all, the shape of the building material from which the house is constructed, location in relation to the world always has to be taken into consideration. Gardens Oasis with its location give all gardens very good view of our valley and it has very positive energy coming from our right location.

We'll tell you how to put a house where every day you will feel better and better and better.

Here are the new and old way where energy is being conserved or waisted.

Nature has always built their houses in the form of a sphere.

All creatures, large and small, make their nests in the form of a sphere, beyond human.

But man is also a part of nature. Perhaps these days we are drifting further away from our natural habitat.

In ancient cultures, when a man was closer to nature, houses were built only in the form of a dome.

Why so? Dome concentrates the energy and transfers it to people who are in it.

As a result, household domes have more strength and energy to face everyday life difficulties.

Now, when life is not as difficult as 1,000 years ago, and we do not need so much energy we accept the fact that we have less energy living in square houses.

Nevertheless, we feel much better in the Domed houses.

Even older people get more energized with more positive feelings then those looking into dark corners of their traditional houses.

   How to have a home energy efficient home without additional treatments and maintenance?

Dome houses by its design show about 30% less need for heating and similar for air conditioning especially when you finish the dome with white paint and some form of additional insulation.


Owners are surprise when they find dome houses more efficient than traditional houses.

How to heat the dome house for about $500.00 - $700.00 / season?

The dome house with an area of ​​164 sq meters in the winter of 2010 burned in the fireplace approx. 12 m cubic of wood.

The price of wood during the period were about $40.00 per cubic meter. The calculation is very simple.

It was possible because dome shape house with such form and not another, saves the energy needed to heat the dome house. By implementing dome shape house, 30 years of savings can pay for small to medium size dome house.

Can you erect your dome house in 5 days?!?

The dome house is a very simple and quick construction, it can be done with virtually everything. In the history people were building those or similar shaped shelters. For example, a peasant in Egypt builds with bricks of mud from river and then dried in the sun. The Eskimos put the dome from ice and snow, American Indians were always comfortable in wigwams ( tents in the oval shape or hogans - wooden, rounded structures).South American and Asian natives also build rounded structures with bamboos and other wooden components covered with leaves.

You can also erect the dome house from prefabricated elements, which consists of the blocks. There are many techniques yet the simplest would be brick, stone, mortar however wooden elements can be very easily implemented.

Design dome house from elements like wooden parts with an area of ​​150m2 can be erected in few days.

How to ensure the safety of people, even when a strong wind or snow exists?

The dome is entirely rounded shape structure making aerodynamic effect giving the structure the best possible wind survival and the least pressure from any winds exists with dome shaped houses.

Traditional buildings can have devastating effect from strong winds and snow. Dome houses are safest form of structure against wind and snow damages.

Dome houses can be build from different materials and heavy stone, brick, concrete blocks used for dome houses have better survival from natural disasters like wind, snow and even earth movement. Dome shaped houses remain better as one monolithic structure than traditional houses in the event of earthquake .

The wooden dome.

The new method to erect your dome house in few days can be done without any technical knowledge and heavy equipment.

You can do this together with two friends.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will the county or city allow me to build my dome house?

House Dome - Lucky family

Most of the locations will allow you to build your dome house just like any other conventional house.

If you get into unrestricted communities or private land with unrestricted building codes like Gardens Oasis, you can avoid weeks of unnecessary paperwork.

2. Where to start official business in the construction of the dome?

Always check with your county offices for any requirements or restrictions.

3. How long all official matters to receive the decision on the construction permit?

House Dome - homeIt all depends on country, location, restrictions and city bureaucracy.

When you build in unrestricted locations like Gardens Oasis, all you need is to pay for lifetime lease of your land and lifetime membership in Artists 4 Humanity and next day you can start working on your project.

4. What if I pay for the project and do not get a building permit?

If you are not member of Artists 4 Humanity and Gardens Oasis, you have to pay for our services. If you don't get for some reason any permit at your location, we will refund you 80% of your expenses paid to us. We only had few instances where permit was denied.

5. Is it better to put a large dome or several smaller ones?

House Dome - Project Justynka 2It is better to build bigger dome house and if you need extra space you can connect another dome house in the future.

6. How long is being built?

From a week to couple months the erection of the dome can be done without any major problems. It all depends on location, size and how many people are working at your project. Also the material you use can increase time of your constructin. It seems bricks are very well suited material for dome houses.

7. How to set in the dome of furniture, or how to hang a picture?

House Dome - the interiorThere are no problems to do any conventional furniture or hang any oil paintings. Dome house can be finished very similarly to conventional house on the inside.

8. Who will build my dome?

Building a house is easier than building a traditional house. Each team, which finished the dome house before confirms it is easy and does not require special skills. We, for its part help to find the right team in your area or you can do it by yourself. Anyone who has an idea of ​​bricklaying can handle the construction of the house. Additionally, if it is necessary to provide training to build the dome, we will give you detail course at Gardens Oasis - none members - $550.00 for all your building crew.

9. Is it possible to make a floor?

House Dome - sectionSo we can do floor. However, in the domes of the floor it is much smaller than the ground due to the shape of the dome. The minimum size of the dome to make second floor is 11 meters in diameter (about 34 feet) , and to do the bedrooms is 12 meters in diameter (about 38 feet). Of course, we can do different functional solutions and custom solutions for your dome house.

10. What doors and windows, if there are any unusual special order?

Doors and windows are standard.

6 Questions What you should ask yourself before you choose a house and architect for Himself?

  1. How much will it cost me the realization home and if I do it enough money?
  2. How much will it cost me to maintain this house, and if I can afford it.
  3. Is an architect who designed my house, has enough experience to do it well?
  4. Is the architect inspires my confidence and that understands my needs?
  5. Is that what I propose architect is the house where I want to live?
  6. Is it really the house where I want to live ???

Come to us for design of His House on Form Dome, and will receive from us a comprehensive service.

 All members of Gardens Oasis will receive our help with lifetime lease and current lifetime Artists 4 Humanity Membership.

None members at other locations - consultation fee is $1459.00

We'll be with you until you get permission for construction.

Also later the entire duration of up to Use Permit for your home will help you whenever you need. You will always be able to report to us with every question.

We will help you to submit to the Office an application for a zoning decision.

We prepare it so as to increase the probability of obtaining the Conditions of built-ins allow the place of the dome home on your plot. We will guide you where you need to ask for any additional conditions or promise. We prepare all the necessary drawings needed to obtain the appropriate Terms and Conditions.

We can make for you an individual concept, which we will agree with you.

The concept has to suit you at 100%. Besides drawings will assist the sketches, drawings and 3D visualizations, and if it will be enough to execute a model to show how it will look your future home.

We can do the construction project together with all arrangements.

The construction of such a project falls into many permits if you are building in restricted zones, in cities and in restricted areas. Gardens Oasis is not restricted however we require all projects to be finished in aesthetic form along with nice and good looking houses. We do not accept garbage, bad and unfinished construction projects for more than 6 months.

In addition, you can receive :

  • Our assistance in finding the right team to implement the dome, and during the whole time of formation of the dome.
  • The analysis of the plot for Compass KI (Feng Shui) and the energy of the Earth (Baque) of $350.00
  • Before you do anything you should use this service: Search for any bad radiation at your garden or place where you want to build your house - expert dowsers from
  • The entire project in PDF format.