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Gallery Hawaii
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Standard Tours in Hawaii:
Available For Standard and Individual Tours
Tour around Island of Oahu

 (Time: 8 hours; Price: $75.00)
We see Crater Diamond Head; geyser Halona; Hanauma Bay; Lookout point Makapuu and we rest at Waimanalo Beach. Next we eat lunch in local dish. After lunch we visit well known beach Sunset and Waimea; Valley of Temples, Buddhist temple, and on the way we stop at pineapple plantation - great ice cream is being made here from local pineapples.

Video1 - On Motorcycles
Video2 - On Mopeds!
Tour to Polynesian Culture Center ( PCC )
 (Time: 10 hours; Price: $140.00)

We leave afternoon to Polynesian Cultural Center. We visit beautiful village made the same way as people of Polynesia build. Then we see villages of: Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Marquise, Tonga; We see movie about the people of Polynesia and Pacific Ocean in IMAX system on large screen - tall 5 levels of average building! At night we eat Hawaiian dinner called LUAU buffet style. The trip ends with spectacular show Horizons with lot of fire effects and unforgettable music of Polynesia.

Video1 Video2
Pearl Harbor and Center of Honolulu - Video

 (Time: 4 hours; Price: $40.00)
We travel to Pearl Harbor to see the history. Here the Second Wald War started for USA where Japanese airplanes destroyed the Pacific Fleet; We go to location of „Arizona” the ship that was destroyed. Next we explore the center of Honolulu the capitol of Hawaii. We see the monument for Hawaiian king  Kamehameha; we see the only royal palace in USA - Iolani; Court house and residence of the governor; 

Walk to real Hawaiian Jungle to Manoa Falls and Tantalus Mountain.

(Time: 3hr ;  8:00 – 11:00; Price: $35.00 ), Manoa Waterfalls Video, Video
We walk in real Hawaiian Jungle. The rain forest of Hawaii welcomes you. We walk to Manoa Falls where you can swim in fresh water coming from the mountains. After Manoa Falls we drive to the top of Tantalus mountain where you can see the view of Honolulu. This is very unique view of Honolulu from the top of Tantalus. - Video

Maui - the island of Valleys
(This is all day tour - transport, air fare + van - Price: $395.00)

Early in the morning we fly to Maui Island - this is second largest island in Hawaii. We travel to beautiful road all the way up to the crater of Haleakala (Video). We walk and see this amazing crater. This is high in the skies - take something worm to wear! We see next plantation from the family of protea; We next see and walk in ever green valley of Iao with well known rocks called Iao Needle; Afternoon we swim at Kaanapali Beach.  The time left we tour at – Lahaina - the old port used by fisherman hunting for whales - Video; After Sunset we leave beautiful Maui and we fly back to Honolulu.
Kauai - The Island of Gardens
(All Day Tour, transport, Air Fare + van; Price: $395.00)
Early morning we fly to island of Kauai; First attraction we encounter is lookout point at Hanapepe; we drive by small town Waimea and at the edge of Waimea Canyon – this is very unique place on Earth - very colorful canyon, the only one in the whole Pacific region. Next we stop at Spouting Horn with view at sea geyser and beautiful panoramic view of “Na Pali” sea coast; Then we visit at dry cave Maniniholo and wet one called Waikapalae; We hike trail Kalaku to panoramic view point and we can see Hana lei Bay; After sunset we return to Honolulu.
BIG ISLAND – The island of Volcanoes
(All day tour, transport, airfare + van; Price: $395.00) Early in the morning we fly to the big island of Hawaii. We take tour to famous water fall Akaka; Then we drive the alley of the trees - the Banyan trees in Park of the Queen Liliuokalani; One of the best orchids we see at orchids plantation. We go then to plantation of Academias Nuts. After that we see Hawaii Volcanoes National Park: we can see sulfur coming out of the rocks, panorama of caldera Kilauea and the crater Halemaumau, we have chance to walk on cold lava; we return at night back to Honolulu.

Other Tours available on Oahu Island.
Hanauma Bay (Time: 5 hours; Price: $20.00 + $7.50 entry fee.)
Take this trip if you enjoy exotic beach. Here we have rocks where some people jump to the bay from high cliffs. Here you can snorkel and see thousands of colorful fish. Hanauma Bay offers one of the best tropical beaches in the Hawaiian Islands. This is also marine reserve where all the species are being protected.

- Video (16:30 – 19:00 & 20:00 – 22:00; Price: $130.00)
2 hours of boat cruise at sunset with supper as buffet and tropical drink. attractions are Hawaiian Dances and entertainment. At night Magic of Polynesia welcomes you in Center of Waikiki with another tropical drink - they are truly good drinks. After that we walk safely back to hotel in Waikiki - no designated driver is needed:) 
(Time 4 hours; Price $125.00)
This is your opportunity to try the real thing - rue scuba diving in the ocean at corral reefs! If you don't have any certification or experience, you will scuba dive after special instruction under professional instructor ( 45 min.) to about 10 meters ( 30 feet). This is attraction that will give you the taste of the true scuba diving with your instructor.
(Time: 1 hour; Price: $135.00 per person or $60.00 - child). This is true opportunity to be in real submarine. This trip under the Pacific Ocean gives you the experience to see the ocean from it's best. You can see the bottom of the ocean with all the flora and fauna there is. You get also all information from the captain with professional commentary. Time: 1 hour and about 40 minuets under water.
Price include transportation from your hotel. (12PM / 1PM / 2PM).
   Helicopter Flight over Maui - Video
(Time:  55 min. - Price: $225.00, 10AM - 7PM)
To see the island of Oahu from the above is unforgettable moment. It looks different from high above. You can see what you would never see from the ground. We fly over Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head Crater, Pearl Harbor, Coral Reefs, Pineapple plantation and Nuuanu Valley. The price include transportation to and from your hotel. 

Individual Tours

Florida - Hawaii - Florida

These tours are from Florida with our own guide to Hawaii - Minimum 8 persons - $320.00/person participation fee - purchase
The fee is for your guide flying with you to Hawaii and back. We stay 7 nights in Hawaii - Waikiki Beach.
Each member is responsible for payment of airline tickets, hotel, meals and any expenses. We can book your hotels and airline tickets. If you fly from other states - we will meet at our hotel in Waikiki Beach.

Wakacje i Przewodnik - HawajeWakacje i Przewodnik - HawajeWakacje i Przewodnik - Hawaje

Wakacje i Przewodnik - HawajeWakacje i Przewodnik - Hawaje

Super Gallery from Hawaii

Music Video - Original Hawaiian Music
Music Video - IZ
Music Video2 - Don Ho
Music Video - Hawaiian Guitar
About Hawaii

Individual Tours in Hawaii with our guide.

These tours can not be purchase in any travel agency. We have these tours only for our individual tours. We fly from Florida or if you fly from other states, we meet in Hawaii - hotel in Waikiki Beach. These are tours design for those who want actively participate in their tours however you can purchase standard tours when in Hawaii. Minimum 8 people. We fly every month or when we get minimum 8 people. The fee of $320.00 is participation fee in our individual trips to Hawaii - you are responsible for any additional expenses - hotel, meals, etc.. When we get group of 8 we look for the best deals on airline tickets and hotels. you are welcome to book your own accommodations.

Back Pack Tours

Jungle, Maunawili Water Falls and Kalihi - Video

This is very popular back pack trip from our Waikiki Beach. We walk to the water fall and we swim here - enjoy the time. We take all day to hike here and back to Waikiki Beach Hotel.
  Tropical Forest, Free entrance to Manoa Falls - Video

We follow Wade advice and we take hike to Manoa Falls. We can also park for free little further down the road. Tropical Forest with Parrots is amazing in this place. We can say the hike to Manoa Falls is safe and one of the best on Oahu island.


This is forgotten trail leading by old Seismic Station and Aihualama Water Falls. This is place where tourists rather don't visit. This trail exists today in good condition however as with any other trails - when it rains - you will walk in the mud. This trail gives everybody true picture of Hawaii's tropical forest. There are no dangerous animals in Hawaii so we feel safe on any of the trails however bugs are there. Some Rum supposed to help with that!

Mountain Trail Mau'umae not far from Honolulu - Hiking Trail - Video

This trail is easily reached from Honolulu. When we reach high elevation we can see Honolulu from the mountains. When there is no rain we get great pictures from this trail. This is old trail used by tourists yet it is not too busy. It is very peaceful walk. This trail is in Wilhelmina Hills not too far from Honolulu.

Mountain Trail to Koko Head Crater - Video

  There is old rail road going to the top of Coco Head Crater. This is very unusual hike. When we get to the top we can see the ocean and towns down the hill. This is spectacular crater where in the passed there was military bunker where remnants of it are today. See the trail Map.
Did you know that we come here on bicycles from Waikiki Beach?

Hills of Wa'ahila to Mt Olympus - Video

This hike is for very good views - we walk on the top of mountains to Mt. Olympus. For this trip we come on bicycles from Waikiki Beach. See the Map to learn the location. Video

Bicycle Trips - See the details

Extreme Adventure
This is for extreme tourism. We check some of them only to the safe point. If we feel the hike is not safe - the guide will not advice further tour and we go back in safety. Some of these trips can be truly not safe so we only explore some safe places.

Stairway to Heaven - Haiku Stairs - Oahu - Video1,  Video2
The stairs and trail are officially closed. Only some people know about them. Some of the parts can be dangerous. With good weather you will encounter fabulous views.

7 Waterfalls -
Seven Falls Hike - Oahu, Hawaii
We hike her to spend couple hours at these water falls. This is rather extreme to hike all the way to the last water fall. For safety we can swim in the bottom pool. This is rocky area and safety is number 1 - we stay safe at the bottom!

Toilet Bowl Pool at the ocean - Video

This is rather unusual place where the water level changes all the time with every wave. As this seems to be fun - people can be swept with the water current.

Bay - Jumping from cliffs - Video Video
This is northern part of Oahu Island - truly one of the best beaches in Hawaii. Some people jump from the cliffs to the sea.

Kauai Island

Trail of Napali - Video

This trail is on the island of Kauai - it is popular among those who need some adrenaline pumping. We don't go the entire trail especially when it gets truly dangerous. We explore the safe parts of it and we go safe back to Honolulu

Napali Trail Hike, Kauai Hawaii

Trail of Kalalau - The island of Kauai - Video
This is very interesting trail however the safety is first - we only explore safe parts of it.

Backpacking Kalalau Trail Kauai, Hawaii

We fly to Hawaii on monthly schedule or when we get minimum of 8 persons.
 We Welcome You - Come with Us.

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