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Bicycle Tours

  In  Port Richey, Florida

Salt Springs Park at Gulf of Mexico
long time ago, there were salt works here. Today it is park where you can come and enjoy natural trails in original vegetation. There are lot of palm trees called palmettos. They are original palms of Florida. Indians used the roots for cooking. The roots taste like cabbage so it is also called palmetto cabbage. We sometimes taste palmetto cabbage in Meditation Center after our bicycling tour is over.  Just relax after hours of bicycling in quiet Meditation Center.

Healthy Snack over fire.
After bicycling tour, relax in Meditation Center. Map

1 - Salt Springs Park provides hiking trail at Gulf of Mexico. 2 - kayaks can be lunched here. 3 - Marine and Energy Center is close by - see the map.

Gulf of Mexico - Island and Green Key

Entrance to the beach         Road to the island of Green Key         Still Wild Shores
This is beach on Green Key island. In early 1900;s this was private residence where one family resided. Later on there was road made to this small island. The property became park and public beach is today here for everybody to enjoy. You can walk among the original vegetation on wooden deck all the way to the other side of the island.

          Sunset at the Gulf of Mexico         
Observation Deck         Walk to the other side of the island
The bicycle trip is about 30 - 45 minutes each way - click the map below to see details. You can enjoy the beach all day long

1- deck and observation point at Gulf of Mexico,   2 - beach


Diamond Head Crater by bicycle.

Crater Diamond Head
This is one of the closest tours to volcano right next to Waikiki Beach. This tour is easy until you get to the crater. You will get plenty of exercise climbing over the edge and top of this volcano.
We will see on the way the park of the Queen of Hawaii with unbelievable trees:

In the crater is tunnel to the top - Video

We leave Waikiki Beach and we ride along the shore. Then we see villas and very nice residential homes almost at the crater. We ride around the crater and we enter it from the north side. We ride into the crater and we climb to the top. there is absolutely great view of Waikiki Beach - see the video. After seeing the crater we come back the northern rout where we can get good, original, well priced food in Waikiki Beach.

Manoa Falls by bicycle

Water Falls of Manoa and hiking in the forest makes this trip always memorable for all. We bicycle to the end of the road and then we hike about 1 kilometer in the mountains to Manoa Falls - 150 feet high. We can explore the bamboo forest and old, abundant LYON ARBORETUM. You can see here thousands of birds, parrots and other loud singing of birds. We see real Hawaiian jungle! This trip can be steep and we go up the hill a lot. Check your brakes on the way back. We take swimming in the falls before going down the hill back to hotel in Waikiki Beach.

Waikiki Magic Island by bicycle
This is local, easy trip to small island at the shore of Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. We go from our motel to original Hawaiian restaurant Ono Hawaiian Foods at Kapahulu where we can get well priced meals before peddling all day long. These are original Hawaiians dishes! Yes, the cooks are native Hawaiians! We are heading next to channel Ala Wai Bulevard. McCully st. left, Kalakaua Ave left, Beachwalk right, after museum of U.S. Army right and we pass Hilton's Lagune. After lagune we enter over the bridge to Ala Mona Beach Park - this is Magic Island. You can go around this island by bicycle enjoying it from each side. Every Friday there are fire works after 7:30 PM. See Map for details.

Hanauma Bay by bicycle
This is longer trip to Hanauma Bay. This is quiet place not in the city where we swim, snorkel and enjoy the day. On the way we see Waikiki Aquarium, The War Memorial, Kapiolani Park, historic residences at the Diamond Head Crater and Diamond Head Lighthouse. After about 6.5 mills the road 72 gets steep where on the top is entrance to the Hanauma Bay. You can rent snorkel equipment here and enjoy the underwater world of Hanauma Bay.  See Map for details.

Wa'ahila Trail by bicycle
This is bicycle tour with hiking in the mountains. If you want to burn some calories - you will have the opportunity. We bicycle to the end of the road, we chain the bicycles in the safe place and we start hiking on Wa'ahila Trail. We see truly beautifully views of MANOA VALLEY, PALOLO VALLEY, Venter of HONOLULU and hills of KO‘OLAU RANGE.
Map shows our trip. See Video

Koko Head Crater by bicycle
This is bicycle trip for all day long for the advanced tourists. After we get to the craters are from Waikiki Beach, we start hiking up the hill. This is very unusual hiking on rail road all the way to the top of the Koko Head Crater. The rail road was built before World War II to the military bunker on the top. The hiking is rather in straight line along the rail road but be ready for thousands of steps. On the top you can enjoy incredible views of the valleys around - see the video see the Map  

Tantalus Mountain by bicycle
This is about 7 miles going up the hill on winding road heading to Tantalus mountain. if you go to gym, you will never get such good, fresh air work out there. After we get to the observation point and PU’U UALAKA’A STATE PARK we can leave back to Waikiki Beach - check the brakes or we can continue go up the hill. This option is not popular - after 7 miles up the road, we are ready to cool down going nice ride down the road. Perhaps the best part of the trip is the view, fresh air, good exercise and enjoyment of the nature. See the - Video see the  Map

Kali'Ou'Ou Valley and Tropical Forest
Video and Map
This is long ride and great hiking in original rain forest of Hawaii - Kali'ou'ou. We leave for all day long trip. Take some food and water with you. We leave early in the morning. If the weather is not too rainy we get always great photos of this part of Oahu island.

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