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Global Travel by Sailboats. Share Affordable Sailboat Trips & Ownership.

Rules, Regulations & Agreement:

Global travel by sailboat 24 times cheaper, enjoyable and available year long. Sign up for your membership today.

Global Sailboat Club is place for enjoyment and global travel by sailboat at 1/24 share of sailboat total price make sailing and global travel more affordable. Share holders can use sail boat for the time of its share (2 weeks per year) or more with others.

We welcome all new members from any country - please join us - shares of ownership are limited to 24 members only. Shares are available  only to members of Global Sailboat Club.

Every member is permitted to be  share owner of boat in a group of 24 shares that control one particular boat in its group.

Every member can have more shares in each sailboat group.

Shares are transferable, can be bought, sold, combined or donated back to the club.

Every member shares any expenses of sail boat in its group according to his/her shares holdings.

Members who do not share expenses for sailboat they hold shares for, will be asked to update its payments according to share holdings. If expenses are not paid shares of delinquent owner will be placed on list of delinquent shares available for sale and delinquent amount. First come first serve basis apply for purchases of delinquent shares with highest bid placed taking over delinquent shares and unpaid balance. Bids end 30 days after delinquent shares have been placed on delinquent shares list. Bids for delinquent share are available for members only.

If delinquent shares are not sold within 30 days of placement on delinquent shares list, the club can purchase back deliquent shares.

Global Sailboat Club is managed and owned by Jola LLC. where management and administrative one time fee charge is 10% from all shares and 100% membership fees of $150.00 per year in Global Sailboat Club.

Every use time for each share holder in every group is done by random drawing.

All users of share holder's use time have to be club members - $150.00 per calendar year ( not refundable ).

Calendar Membership in Global Sailboat Club - $150.00


Safety of all members and and all equipment is priority of everyone.

Club members without experience and captain license are prohibited from operating sail boat without licesed captain.

Number of use time club members on board is limited by ratings, safety regulations of each boat and share holder request but not exiding any safety rating and safety limitations.

Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC is operated and managed by Jola LLC.

Every share holder using and allowing to use his share of boat use time in his/her boat group is responsible for every aspect of operation at his/her use time, including safety and liability of all equipment and members participating.

Every member by participating in Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC agrees and accepts liability for himself / herself and agrees not to take any legal action, law suits disagreements, harmful actions, liabilities against Jola LLC and any of its members.

Every member is responsible for his own actions and in event of any accident every member agrees to hold Jola LLC free from any legal actions, law suits, harassments and harmful actions.

Use time is randomly chosen among all share holders in each boat group.

Membership in Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC allows to purchase shares for every boat in its group.

Every change in member's information should be immediately updated. Every update is $25.00

Any illegal, immoral, unethical activity is prohibited. In event member is found guilty by majority members of illegal, immoral, unethical activity, the guilty member have to be expelled from Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC, and his share will be returned less 10% for damages caused by illegal, immoral, unethical activity.

Sailboat Owners

Sailboat Owner Members can organize trips for our members.

Sailboat Owners can become Sailboat Owners Members - The Calendar Fee is $1500.00
Sailboat Owner Membership
Calendar Membership in Global Sailboat Club - $1500.00


This sailboat lifetime membership is associated with one registered sailboat. Any other boats placed for use in Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC requires separate Sailboat Owner Lifetime Membership.

Sailboat Owner Members can offer their Sailboat for use to other members at Sailboat Owner Member rates.
Sailboat Owner Member's Sailboats should be in ready to use condition with all safety and requirements for safety and well being of other members participants. Certified Captain on board is required and can be provided by Sailboat Owner Member or by Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC.

Sailboat Owner member can issue Shares to their sailboat within Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC.
Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC receives flat fee of 15% from all booked trips. Any none members are prohibited from participating in our club's trips. All Sailboat Owners Members are responsible for their Sailboats, Insurance or their own on board rules and regulations to insure safety, order and well being of other Global Sailboat Club members on board of their sailboats.

By signing this Agreement, each member agrees to above rules, regulations and responsibilities.

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Last Name_______________________
Addeess 2____________________________
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Please submit to:
Global Sailboat Club by Jola LLC
Payable to Jola LLC
P.O. Box 248,
Port Richey, FL 34673, USA

Enclosed is:
*(  ) Club Membership - $150.00 per Calendar Year.
(  ) ___ share(s) for Boat in group ________________
*(  ) Copy of your ID's - Driver License, Passport.
(  ) Copy of captains license
(  ) Copy of insurance
(  ) Others ___________________________
* - Required
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